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Due date Form 16A TDS certificate changed

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Income Tax department has changed the date for filing of quarterly E TDS return vide notification 57/2011 dated 24.10.2011.In this notification due date to filing etds returns has been extended by 15 days for first three quarters of the Financial year but remains the same for last quarter ending 31st March.As per Rule 31 Form 16 is to be issued within 15 days from the due date to file quarterly return .So due to change in due date of quarterly return filing date ,due date to issued form 16A has also be changed .Form 16(salary ) remains unchanged as Form 16 is annual form and quarterly return due date for last quarter remains unchanged.After this amendment deductors have more time to file quarterly etds return and to issue form 16A . These amendment is applicable form 01.11.2011 so applicable form 3rd quarter of Fy 2011-12.This amendment is applicable only for Govt offices.

Due date ETDS return 24Q, 26Q 27Q and Form16 ,Form 16A
Sl. No.
Quarter ending
From 01.11.2011 on wards For Govt offices 
For other offices
Etds return
Form 16A
Etds return
Form 16A
30th June
31st July
15th August
15th July
30th July
30th September
31st October
15th November
15th October
30th October
31st December
31st January
15th Feburary
15th January
30th January
31st March
15th May
30th May        (31st May for form 16)
15th May
30th May        (31st May for form 16)

Note:This notification relates to etds returns covered under rule 31A means for quarterly returns 24Q(salary) 26Q(section 193 to 196D except entries covered in 27Q) and 27Q .As the rule 31AA has not been amended so TCS(form 27EQ) return due dates remains unchanged unless notified later.Form 16A is to be issued within 15days from the due date of etds return accordingly now 15 days more available for issuance of form 16A also.

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  1. if we have issue the TDS certificate on qtr.bases, than what is due date of issuance of form 16A please clarify.

  2. please tell me what is last date for issue the TDS certificate (other than salary.

    1. Date has already shown above 30 July,30 oct,30 Jan,30 may