Friday, September 9, 2011

Know your Pan With Name and DOB

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Its very simple to know Pan name with the help of

  • First name ,middle name ,surname and
  • DOB and
  • Father's First ,middle, surname.

yet its a difficult task .The reason is that its very difficult to put first ,middle, surname with right spellings .To get the pan we have to match the data given in Pan data base.

Further ,name shown on Pan card and Name given in Pan data base may be not matching .The reason is that in pan application we can give abbreviation for name to be printed on pan card.

To know company ,firm ,HUF etc Pan number full name is to be filled in surname column and in DOB column ,date of Incorporation is to be given.

So if you have confidence of having matching data then go for it ,fill your First name ,Middle name ,surname with DOB and get your PAN.

Point you should note

  1. Think about name filled in PAN application .
  2. General mistake in pan application is that surname is given in first name and vice versa.
  3. Surname column is Must ,if your name is of one word only then fill it in surname .suppose if your name is Rinku and this is your first name even then to know pan number fill it in surname.
  4. Fill date of Birth (DOB) in dd-mm-yyyy format .Use - as separator and please don't use / backslash ,.(dot) or _(underscore)

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