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Revised Procedure from 1st September 2011 to get Income Tax , TDS, Self Assessment Tax,  Advance  Tax,  Wealth  Tax   and  Other  Direct  tax Payment  Challan  corrected  / Rectified  which  were   paid  at  bank  in  Physical  Mode  and  time  period  within  which correction request can be made along with conditions , Procedures for the same and  Format of the letter to bank.

Challan Correction Mechanism

Under  OLTAS  (On Line Tax  Accounting  System),  the  physical  challans  of  all  Direct Tax payments received from the deductors / taxpayers are digitized on daily basis by the collecting banks and the data transmitted to TIN (Tax  Information Network) through link cell. At present, the banks are permitted to correct data relating to three fields only i.e. amount, major head  code and name. The other errors  can be corrected only by the assessing officers.

        New Procedure of challan correction by banks (for physical challans):  

To remedy this situation, a new Challan Correction Mechanism for physical challans has been  put  in  place.  Under  this  mechanism,  for  income  tax  payments  made  on  or  after 1.9.2011, the following fields can be got corrected through the concerned bank branch: 

> Assessment Year

> Major Head Code

> Minor Head Code


> Total Amount

> Nature of payment (TDS Codes)

The time window for the correction request by tax payer is as follows :

Correction required in Field name
Period of Correction Request (from Challan Deposit Date)
7 days
Assessment Year
7 days
7 days
Other fields (Major head, Minor head, Nature of payment)
Within 3 months

The  time  window  for  correction  by  the  bank  is  7  days  from  the  date  of  receipt  of  
correction request from the tax-payer.  


The changes can be made by the banks, subject to following conditions:  

  1.  Correction in Name is not permitted.
  2. Any combination of correction of Minor Head and Assessment Year together is  not allowed. 
  3. PAN/TAN correction will be allowed only when the name in the challan matches with the name as per the new PAN/TAN.
  4. The change of amount will be permitted only on the condition that the amount so         corrected  is  not  different  from  the  amount  actually  received  by  the  bank  and          credited to Govt. Account. 
  5.  For  a  single  challan,  correction  is  allowed  only  once.  However,  where  1st  correction  request  is  made  only  for  amount,  a  2nd   correction  request  will  be   allowed for correction in other fields. 
  6. There will be no partial acceptance of change correction request, i.e. either all the           requested changes will be allowed, if they pass the validation, or no change will   be allowed, if any one of the requested changes fails the validation test.  


  • The  tax-payer  has  to  submit  the  request  form  for  correction  (in  duplicate)  to  the  concerned bank branch.  
  • The tax-payer has to attach copy of original challan counterfoil.  
  •  In case of correction desired for challans in  Form 280, 282, 283, the copy of  PAN  card is required to be attached. 
  • In  case  of  correction  desired  for  payments  made  by  a  tax-payer  (other  than  an  individual), the original authorization with seal of the non-individual taxpayer is required  to be attached with the request form.
  • A separate request form is to be submitted for each challan.  

Procedure of challan correction by Assessing Officers (both physical and e-payment  challans)   

After the window period available to banks for challan correction, the assessee can make  a  request  for  correction  to  his  or  her  assessing  officer,  who  is  authorized  under  the  departmental  OLTAS  application  to  make  such  correction  in  challan  data  in  bonafide  cases, to enable credit of the taxes paid, to the concerned assessee.  

Format  of  application  to  bank  for  challan  correction  to  be  requested  by  the  taxpayer  


The Branch Manager,  

——————————  (Address of Branch)  

Taxpayer Details :   

Taxpayer Name :  

Taxpayer Address :  

Taxpayer TAN/PAN :  

Name of Authorized Signatory :  

(in case of non-individual taxpayer)  

Sub : Request for Correction in Challan No: 280/281/282/283 [Strike out which ever is not applicable]  


I request you to make corrections in the challan data as per following details : Challan  Details:  

BSR Code
Challan Tender Date (Cash/Cheque Deposit Date)
Challan Sl. No.
 Sl. No.
Fields in which correction required
Please Tick
Original Details
Modified Details
TAN/PAN (10 digit)
Assessment Year (YYYY)
Major Head code (4 digit)
Minor Head code (3 digit)
Nature of Payment (3 digit)
Total Amount (13 digit)

 Note: Please tick against the relevant fields where changes are required.  

Tax payer/Authorized Signatory  


  1. Attach copy of original challan counterfoil.  
  2. In case of correction to challan 280, 282, 283 attach copy of PAN card.  
  3. In case of a non-individual tax payer, attach the original authorization with seal of   the non-individual tax-payer. 
  4. The  request  form  for  correction  is  to  be  submitted  in  duplicate  to  the  bank   branch. 
  5.  A separate request form is to be submitted for each challan

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